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Tips on how to be a good landlord!

Tips on how to be a good landlord!

Now when you are a landlord, you should be fair to them as they are a normal human being, just like you. Here are some rules you should follow:

1. Customise the agreement: In the contract, you should make sure everything is there because details is key. You should include information from late payment fees to maintenance responsibility. A clear agreement will reduce misunderstanding and friction between you (the landlord) and the tenant.

2. Make those repairs: When a tenant has complained about a damage, make sure you set a time to inspect this damage. If this is an emergency case, then you should work as fast as possible. Now you should let the tenant know when you are going to come in as the tenant will respect you more than this.

3. Keep communications lines open: As you wouldn't like your tenant harassing and vice versa. Your communications lines always should be open to the tenant so they can contact any time. There are also alternatives options like giving your business number and email to the tenant instead of giving your normal phone number. In this way, you can leave the calls and have a written record of what you and the tenant had discussed.

4. Respect the tenant's privacy: it's your house but you would have to give them some sort of privacy as it isn't fair to them, for you just to break in. If you have any suspicions on the tenant, you should make sure you have alerted them on what times you are coming to visit during business hours or early evening.