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We make it simple and clear your doubts in no time. This is what matters because we are here to help you. This is what makes us have a good connection with the tenant and us. Whether you’re buying a property for the first time, or if you’re experienced with the property market, our team are sure to have a solution. We’re here to help, as we provide advice and guidance that truly makes a difference to your property search. Making sure what you know what you are doing is important, so you do not fall into a trap! If you want advice on any aspect of the buying process, just call us to speak to a member of our friendly sales team.


When deciding to buy your dream home, we highly recommend the following steps:

Prepare Your Finances:  Budget, deposit, mortgage and credit score. These 4 words are extremely important on the property market. Simply speak to us to arrange your mortgage before beginning the search of the property.

Search for the Perfect Property: All the following options must be considered during your search - area, bedroom sizes, features (leasehold, freehold), transport, and other amenities.

Viewing Properties: You need to consider the following during the viewing of your property -property size, state of repair, living cost, and location. Look over the outside of your property, as well as the interior.

Offer: Once you have found your perfect property, it’s time to make an offer. Put forward a price that reflects the value of the home, yet one that also meets your budget. If your offer is accepted, you can proceed with the purchase. It’s important that the estate agency is aware of your full situation, including the details of your solicitor and mortgage broker. The property is usually taken off the market at this point, as it becomes ‘sold subject to contract.’

Conveyancing: Solicitors of both parties (buyers and sellers) are instructed to start the necessary searches and drafting of contracts. This is then followed by the exchanging and completion of each contract, and the protection of your property.

Moving In: Upon exchange and completion, keys are handed over to new buyers. You can then enjoy the moving in process and your new home!